Boxing, like football, is one of only a handful of the sports the whole world watches and participates in. The advantage to boxing however is, whilst still attracting audiences of many millions around the globe, it has a much lower cost of entry to deliver meaningful success for fighters to win World titles or for cities to host large events.

World Class Athletes recognize the huge opportunity for companies and Government bodies to benefit from supporting their elite fighters, in the international sport of boxing, and in so doing delivering great brand recognition, sales and positive PR for their themselves.

The opportunity for a visionary person, organisation or leader is clear. Africa is massively underrepresented in terms of World Champions, as the graphic below clearly shows. The relatively small population of Britain currently has 13 World Champions, whilst the larger Nigeria has none and the whole continent of Africa, only has one. This clearly demonstrates how being seen to help deliver a World Champion for Africa gives an individual, company or politician an enormous advantage over its competition.